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Stamina-Rx® Sex on the BeachTM is the best and no other all-natural product can come close to matching the potency of the original, revolutionary sexual stimulant Stamina-Rx®, which is now available with a new great-tasting, liquid delivery system. Stamina-Rx® Sex on the BeachTM lightly carbonated drink (8.4 oz) and shot (2 oz) have joined the original Stamina-Rx® and Stamina-Rx® for Women as Hi-Tech Sexual Performance products that work remarkably well for both men and women.


Just as you have surely seen with the famous Stamina-Rx® blue hexagon sex pills, nearly every convenience store, gas station, and health food retailer across the United States is already carrying Stamina-Rx® Sex on the BeachTM drinks and shots. You may have also experienced the new Stamina-Rx® drinks being served somewhere in the thousands of adult entertainment spots that are now offering their customers Stamina-Rx® Sex on the BeachTM drinks and shots. In fact, Stamina-Rx® Sex on the BeachTM lightly carbonated beverage is already giving Red Bull a run for its money. Stamina-Rx® Sex on the BeachTM not only thoroughly quenches your thirst for sexual stamina, but it is also a refreshing, quick-acting energy drink.


  • Energy Drink for Maximum Sexual Performance, Arousal, and Libido!
  • Rapid, On-Demand Effect with New Liquid Delivery System
  • Provides Results with the Very First Use
  • Great-Tasting Sex on the Beach Flavor
  • Available in a 2 oz Shot and 8.4 oz Lightly Carbonated Drink

Stamina-Rx® Sex on the BeachTM drinks and shots are cranked up, double servings of the same powerfully effective natural ingredients found in Stamina-Rx®. The Xanthoparmelia, Yohimbe, Cnidium, Epimedium and GABA in Stamina-Rx® Sex on the BeachTM elevate desire and arousal, heightened sensitivity, and surges in libido and sexual performance. In fact, the new great-tasting, liquid delivery system in Stamina-Rx Sex® on the BeachTM creates a make-ready state within minutes--with an even more rapid-onset, on-demand action than the original Stamina-Rx® and Stamina-Rx® for Women. Stamina-Rx Sex® on the BeachTM lightly carbonated drinks and shots are true unisex products. Stamina-Rx® Sex on the BeachTM is the right move for rapid, peak performance energy and sexual stamina! 

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