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Stamina-Rx® for Women contains the same high-grade herbal extracts found in Stamina-Rx®, including Xantho-Pure™, the sole source for Xanthoparmelia scabrosa, Cnidium Extreme™, the proprietary source of Cnidium monnier (horny goat weed), and Yohimbe-Pure™, the exclusive source of yohimbe extract. Stamina-Rx® for Women also contains several additional ingredients tailored specifically for a woman's body chemistry, including Muira puama extract (a well-recognized libido enhancer), Mucuna pruriens extract--also called velvet bean, Herba cistanches extract, Gingko biloba extract, Ageratum extract, and L-arginine.


This remarkably effective herbal formulation comes together to create immediate and sustained desire and arousal, heightened sensitivity, and remarkable surges in libido and sexual function. Stamina-Rx® for Women increases sexual desire and Libido unlike anything else on the market. It also energizes the hypothalamus--the "sex center" in the brain. Stamina-Rx® for Women also helps assist in greater sexual receptivity and improve the physical strength of the female orgasm.


With Stamina-Rx® for Women, now both men and women can restore spontaneity to love-making. Stamina-Rx® for Women--waking up to women's needs!

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