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Unlike the other knock-off sex products, Stamina-Rx® contains only the highest grade herbal extracts and nutraceuticals available, including Xantho-Pure™, the sole source for Xanthoparmelia scabrosa, Cnidium Extreme™, the proprietary source of Cnidium monnier, and Yohimbe-Pure™, the exclusive source of yohimbe extract. These three compounds have not, and cannot, be duplicated by other supplement companies. These over-the-top sex agents produce immediate and sustained desire and arousal, heightened sensitivity, and remarkable surges in libido and sexual function.

Stamina-Rx® produces rapid-onset, on-demand action through the use of Explotab® technology, with staying power that lasts for hours. With Stamina-Rx®, Hi-Tech unleashes a startling revelation upon the sex pill industry: In fact, Stamina-Rx® has driven sexual performance herbal chemistry to a new level. The bar has been raised for the entire sex pill industry.

Stamina-Rx® is the only choice for maximum sexual performance! 

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